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We offer real estate consulting to help avoid foreclosure before selling your home.

Vinco Properties LLC is a real estate investor and consultant serving nation wide since 2010. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in homes in foreclosure investments and real estate consulting. We can offer assistance in developing a plan of action to handle and avoid foreclosures, as well as the long term effects foreclosures have on your credit. Call 510-779-2250 today for a personal consultation!

Our Services Include:

Real Estate Consultant Meeting

Real Estate Consultant

At Vinco Properties, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you before the looming threat of foreclosure becomes a reality.

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House For Sale

Real Estate Investment

While consulting you on your home troubles is one of our main concerns, our services go well-beyond instruction and advice.

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Probate Specialist

Losing control of a home can come as an abrupt shock to many families when the owner of the property passes without officially bequeathing their assets.

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Far too often do the expenses of everyday life pile-up to unmanageable levels. The resulting financial strain can seep into other facets of life, such as hindering mortgage payments.

If a mortgage lender decides to take legal action in retrieving the balance of a loan, they may force the sale of the assets by initiating a foreclosure homes sale. The owner has no control over when the house is sold, meaning that many can end up without a roof over their head, leaving you without the time to react or funds to provide a home for you and your loved ones.Handing Over House Keys

In conjunction, one’s credit will be harmed in the long term from a foreclosing, making it even more difficult to get a loan to purchase a new home. If not handled properly, this process often becomes a downward spiral into further financial hardship and grief.

Unfortunately, in some cases this grief goes well beyond finances. Others may find themselves in similar situations putting their home at risk when a house is under probate. Disputes over the ownership of a property due to unclear or nonexistent legal documentation may lead to a court or executor having control over a home’s sale, leaving many on the streets.

Vinco Properties LLC is well-equipped to offer real estate consulting and alternative solutions to return you to a secure and comfortable living situation.

We will review your home’s status, help resolve any issues, and offer the best solution for your personal situation. We can help you avoid bankruptcy and recover control of the outcome and risk of being sold-off at auction. As real estate investors, we’ll ensure that your home ends up in good hands, and to the best interests of you and your loved ones! I’m here to represent you!

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