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Nationwide Real Estate Consulting

Our real estate consultants will effectively help you avoid foreclosure.

Real Estate Consultant

As a full service real estate consulting business with over 30 years of experience serving nation wide, Vinco Properties LLC has the knowledge and expertise to assist you before the looming threat of foreclosure becomes a reality.Real Estate Consultant Meeting

Real estate transactions are a complicated process that can be stressful and overwhelming for any individual. This is only amplified when foreclosures are involved.

By helping bring loans up-to-date, Vinco Properties LLC can offer you the opportunity to get back on your feet, securing a home for you and your loved ones. I want to give you the opportunity to have a say of how and when you sell your house. Remember, your home, your say!

Let us help to ensure that your home ends up in the right hands, with little-to-no consequence to you. As an experienced property consultant, no situation is too difficult to handle.

Real Estate Investment

While consulting you on your home troubles is one of our main concerns, our services go well-beyond instruction and advice. Rather than risk being taken advantage of financially by independent buyers, Vinco Properties LLC can personally purchase homes heading for foreclosure from you.Home For Sale

As property investors, we specialize in buying homes from owners facing foreclosure for the value they truly deserve.

For many people, one of their biggest fears is to be left without a home; nowhere for their family to grow and make memories. The only thing potentially more frightening is having very little chance of putting a roof over their head in the future.

When selling to Vinco Properties LLC, we ensure that by avoiding the foreclosure process, you will in-turn save your credit from the harsh long term consequences of foreclosure. As a result, getting a new loan for a home in the future is far more accessible than if you foreclosed.

Foreclosures and delinquency may be frightening terms, but don’t fret; you have options and we can help guide you in the right direction. Turn your foreclosure into a new life opportunity. We treat every customer like family. I the CEO, Vincent Simmons, will personally ensure that every step of the way handled with the utmost care and to your best advantage.

Probate Specialist

In other more distressing cases, losing control of a home can come as an abrupt shock to many families when the owner of the property passes without officially bequeathing their assets to a beneficiary.Probate Documents

These and a number of other personal situations, such as Will Challenges by new wives or abuse of power of attorney, can lead to probate, forcing loved ones to sit through lengthy, complex, and unforgiving court proceedings as a state appointed executor or administrator coordinates the estate’s sale to the highest bidder.

Rather than sitting idly by in court as your home is marketed to random potential buyers, allow us to purchase your home in probate for a respectable price before the process becomes a burden weighing down on your family. Having purchased over 100 probate properties, we can provide extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with probate real estate and attorneys.

During these difficult times, we are prepared and equipped to offer you a safe way out. This way you can spend quality time with your family, as well as take the time to commemorate your late loved one. Make sure the home you’ve made so many memories in ends up in caring and knowledgeable hands with the help of Vinco Properties, LLC.

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